Medical Device Localization


MRI・超音波診断・SPECT・PET といった各種画像診断技術の急速な進歩に伴い、医療分野と、メカトロニクスやコンピュータとの高度な複合知識が求められています。そして、PACS (画像保存通信システム)・HIS (病院情報システム)・RIS (放射線科情報システム)等のITを背景とした各種医療情報システムでは、医学知識ばかりでなく、ITに関する知識も必要とされています。当社では、こうした複合領域の最先端の情報を調査・収集・データベース化し、最新の知見に基づく翻訳とその品質管理を行っています。

翻訳、多言語展開、DTP、出版までの一連のマニュアル製作を承ります。出版用DTP に関しては、各種ソフトウェアに対応するほか、CD-ROM/DVD 媒体での映像・電子出版も行います。マニュアルの他、カタログ、パンフレット、HP、技術資料、製品販促用映像資料の製作も行っています。


当社では40 カ国語の翻訳に対応しています。当社は、各技術分野を専門とする各国語ネイティブ翻訳者との世界的ネットワークを構築しており、翻訳原稿に最も適したネイティブを翻訳者として任命しています。また、翻訳後のターゲット言語に精通した翻訳者以外のネイティブチェッカーを確保し、翻訳者1 人に頼らない品質チェック体制を取っています。
マニュアル翻訳では、英語を基点にしたスピーディーな多言語翻訳を展開させます。また、各国語のDTP 環境も整備しておりますので、文字化け等が無い翻訳データを提供いたします。




Medical Device Translation

Along with the rapid progress in image diagnosis technologies including MRI, ultrasonograph, SPECT, and PET, there is a need for high-level multidisciplinary knowledge in medical care, mechatronicsand computers. In addition, knowledge of IT and medical science is required for IT-based medical information systems such as Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), Hospital Information System (HIS) and Radiology Information System (RIS). MedicaLingual assures the finest quality by basing every translation on the latest information collected through surveys, information updates in multicisciplinary fields, and the use of its extensive database.

<Medical Software Translation>
MedicaLingual provides localization of medical software products by translating the manuals, screens and help files of medical imaging products and medical devices.
<Medical Device Manual Creation>
We carry out a full range of manual creation services, including translation into various languages, DTP, and publication. We prepare for a wide rage of software for DTP for publication, and also carry out image and electronic publication through CD-ROM/DVD media. In addition to professional-grade manuals, we also create high-quality catalogues, pamphlets, websites, technical materials, and image materials for successful sales promotions.

Multilingual Translation

MedicaLingual handles translation in 40 languages by building a global network of native translators who are familiar with their specialized fields in many different countries to provide the best translation with the best translator for each client. In addition, our native checkers other than translators always check the quality of translated materials to deliver the top quality translation to our clients.
We provide speedy English-based Manual translation in a wide variety of languages. We also have DTP environment corresponding to each language to provide translation data that is clear and legible.

Biotechnology Translation

Bio and genome technology has undergone significant development in this century, redefining existing concepts throughout the fields of science and medical care.
MedicaLingual works to meet the challenge of the 21st century and the bio-industrial revolution that has accompanied it by delivering the accurate and up-to-date translations in the application fields of biotechnology. The continuous quest to collect updated information and expand of its extensive database of terms also allows MedicaLingual to maintain the top quality translation.

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